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Standeford Farm Café
A449 Stafford Road
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WV10 7BN
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just found this truck stop cheep and the food very good showers clean and tidy staff cant do enough for you and very pleasant

Truck Stop was packed and I'd 5 minutes of work time left.let me park and very nice people.good breakfast and shower in morning.recommend %100

Came 30 minutes after they had finished serving food and hardly no room to park but the staff helped me in as I was minutes from running out of driving time. They opened the kitchen up just for me to give me a decent meal. Showers were ok. Had sky sports on the go as well as free WIFI. will strongly recommend.

brilliant place to stop, costs about £12.50 now but the ticket says £14, dinner is included in the price- & its a good dinner!!

Good truckstop and a nice little pub 100 yards down the road

Excellent food, charge £10 but get receipt for £12.50. also get £5 food voucher, shower is £1 for 8 minutes. small place but very friendly staff, quite secure and easy to find. overall good place to stay. Dave