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Riverside Café
A4 Colnbrook By-Pass A4 Colnbrook By-Pass
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Good food, clean toilets and one clean shower, toilets have been refurbed, friendly staff too.

£15 to park on some waste ground which happens to have a cafe... No toilet after 8pm, didn't see any shower?... I didn't have anything to eat, it just looked old and dirty. The only plus point is that you can walk through to colnbrook village. There's a shop, couple of pubs and a fast food place there.

Immaculately clean, great food and friendly staff. Yes, the car park is muddy but what do you expect with all the hgvs coming through here? Parking for cars right near door. Wide selection of food for breakfast, lunch and dinner and fair prices.

Food was ok not much of it tho but get here any later than 715pm can't get a shower and food is very limited as fryers turned off wasn't too impressed

Stopped there last night even after reading your report due to m25 shafted and running out of time. The food was good the service quick and polite and the place was very clean. 4 star.

Parking alone is now £15 you can park on a few lay bys near by but you will be disturbed Not really worth the £15 for parking in my opinion - no shower included in the price by the way

Food good, showers very poor and £1.30 charge, Muddy parking area, Overall not very good ?

" Quiet little area (never had no problems) and nice little village nearby...but food not very clever and toilet/shower facilities poor, im sure for 12quid parking they could upgrade !!!!"
"Good food and easy to get to"
"this cafe is the worst of the worst. upon arrival all seemed well. food was decent at a decent price ! then that was it from then... manky food stuck to knives and forks to which the women found amusing. i paid 1.30 for a shower token that never got used. i wondered why she only had one at the bottom of an old sweet jar. the shower was a pittyful joke. mud on floor. piss wet through floor. no door on the cubical and to top it all off the kitchen door was fully open so you was on full view of all staff ! to be quite honest i would rather wash myself in a puddle ! i wouldnt even wash a dog in there . "
"The only thing that's changed at the Riverside in the last 20 yrs is that the prices have gone up and the standard down. It's ideally situated and the staff are friendly but that's the best i can say. Food portions are on the small side and the toilets and showers need a lot of maintenance"