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Plastic pub, garage and McDonalds on this service road.
Maple Road
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S75 3DL
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I park here regular. Never had a problem, there's a McDonald's and a garage 30 seconds walk away. (Garage is UK fuels as well)

I wrote the last review 6-8 weeks ago and all seems to have settled down. Police are doing regular patrols through the night and the last few weeks have passed without incident. Still wouldn't park here with high value loads. Where possible leave back doors open.

Have been parking here for 10 years on wentworth rd without incident. Nice and quiet. However in the last two weeks I and others have had curtains slashed. All ok if your empty with back doors open but I wouldn't risk it with a load on. I was carrying 26 pallets of bin liners and they slashed my curtain 6 times down one side then cut a pallet open just to make sure.