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Great for city centre and very quiet too.
Swan Street
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Place very tranquil, but small space for the lorry. Visit the 1st August 2015

Quiet as anything here. Found a spot no problem. Pub is two minutes walk away. I'd park here again.

Great location will definitely be using again

Parked here tonight again, dead quiet and had no problems. Walk to the city was quick and dinner in Wetherspoons. Recommended.

*Very disappointed by this drivers experience. I can hand on heart say I have parked here for years with no problems at all. Yes there is limited space and it should be said not arrive before 5pm.

Double yellow lines except for the odd spot here and there. Had to sit and wait two hours for a legal space. Road seems to be used as a drag strip by the local Asian population in their M3's! Only saving grace was very close 5 minute walk to city centre. Would I park again? Not through choice.