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Busy parking area with plastic pub over the road , but cheeky parking on the road outside is not uncommon.
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BN26 6QL
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Not bad. McDonalds finished so only parking for about 10 wagons. Pub is now branded so a bit costly but good food. The on road parking now has yellow lines on both sides

A good site, all the amenities you need, they are however asking you to make a 'charity donation' of £5 to park there. You don't have to, but it does make you feel obliged!!

"Good place to park, you can get about 10 Artics in here easily. They are also building a 24hr McDonalds next door now, which will probably cut the on-road parking, but at least offer a chance to get a bite to eat if you roll up too late/early for the pub. Speaking of the pub it changed hands last year and the menu is pretty good now. Not too expensive either. Gets a 4 only because of the low number of spaces"