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Vale Cafe
Cheltenham Road
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Ashton Under Hill
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WR11 7QP
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Jumped up to £20!! and what for? No security, not even lights, let alone cameras, on the mud bowl they call a lorry park. Wide open and pitch dark for load thieves to slash your curtains without any fear of detection. No overnight toilets etc, (they are advertised as open from 6:30 but only if the snooty arrogant bloke can be bothered to unlock them) Absolutely no advantage over nearby FREE laybys. Another once half decent truckstop holding us to ransom! No wonder the British haulage industry is on it's knees!

Great little truckstop get there early as most times I have been there it fills up quick, food and service is great, meal inc with the price, there is a garage forcourt on site which sells most things inc beers and wines, only down side to the place is the wash room, not very good ok you can get a wash but the showers need some work on.